A little workout to get your new year off right!


A little workout to get your new year off right!

Beware-this is challenging. I did it and was sweating…! Happy new year!


What look do you want to achieve?

Below is a image that shows what male and female bodies look like depending on the amount of body fat percentage.  I thought this was really interesting because how we look has very little to do with how much we weigh-and a lot more to do with how much body fat vs muscle mass we have.

Another interesting tidbit is the fact that the female body carries almost twice as much body fat as men due to the testosterone (increases the ability to gain lean muscle mass) and estrogen (increases the storage of body fat) factor.  So for a man to have 40% body fat-he has to eat a ton more then a woman to achieve the same 40%.

Food for thought….errrr…..